2019 WWE Royal Rumble Odds and Predictions

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WWE Royal Rumble will take place at Chase Field in Phoenix

The event has kicked off WWE’s Road to WrestleMania with a bang
View new chances for its highly anticipated Universal Championship game featuring Finn Balor and Brock Lesnar Every January, WWE’s WrestleMania season kicks off with a few of the most expected pay-per-views annually,  » the Royal Rumble. Along with featuring Rumble games for both the women and men, the series typically hosts a ton of championship bouts that help set the stage for the Show of Shows.
The 2019 Rumble card appears fairly stacked on paper, and even better, it doesn’t feel nearly as predictable as it has in past years. Anything was known to happen at the Rumble, so there’s no telling what sort of turns and twists WWE will have their sleeve up come January 27th.
Although the event is not for another two and a half an hour, it’s never too early to take a look at the chances and who fans are betting to discuss in every contest.

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